These Oddly-Timed Photos Will Give You Chills

Published on January 8, 2023

In this day and age, our photo and video-taking abilities are constantly evolving. While it’s pretty awesome that we can document so many cool moments, not every photo turns out the way we would have expected. With so many ways to capture every moment of our lives, some people end up capturing the most bizarre, wild, and dangerous moments they never planned for. These photographers managed to capture some of the craziest pictures that will give you chills.


Wild Photos

Seconds Too Late

This photo may seem like it’s just a nice photo of a father and son. Little did anyone know that the red car captured in the background contained something dangerous and deadly. After the man and son left the frame, a bomb sitting inside the red car detonated, killing 29 people and injuring many. The father and son in the photo survived; unfortunately, the man who was taking the photographs did not. The chilling photo was taken just moments before everything happened.


Chilling Photo