Police Arrest Young Girl After She Finds 700-Year-Old Coin

Published on August 10, 2020

We would bet that the last thing that you expect to find while digging in your garden is a 700-year-old coin. In spite of the rarity, this is exactly what happened to a girl in Britain. For the 9-year-old finder of the coin, it seemed like a great find, but little did she know it would make her a criminal in just a few short years.

Kate Harding Would Be The First Person Convicted Under The Treasure Act Kate Harding

A Chance Find

Finding old coins or other archeological items can be an exciting moment, especially for kids. For 9-year-old Kate Harding this dream was about to come true, but it ultimately leads to a nightmare. She was just helping her mother in the garden when she stumbled across the coin that would change her life forever. What seemed like an exciting find turned out to be the worst thing that could have happened to her.


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