Man Turns Giant Hole Into Something Unbelievable

Published on March 1, 2023

Man Turns Giant Hole into Something Unbelievable

Wayne Martin was the owner of a beautiful home and a very large yard. For a long time, he thought about what he wanted to do with all of the space, since it wasn’t being put to good use. When he finally made his decision, the man began to build something that made neighbors stop in their tracks. Something unbelievable was taking shape in the man’s yard, and you have to see it to believe it.


New Project

The Options

With such a huge chunk of property at the back of his house, Wayne Martin had always hoped to create something amazing. He had all kinds of options; he could build a treehouse, put in a pool, or build an amazing patio to rent out for weddings and functions! With so many ideas to consider, Martin took some time to really think about what he wanted to do with all that space. It took a while, but he finally had a wild idea.


The Yard