These Oddly-Timed Photos Will Give You Chills

Published on November 19, 2019

Family Photo

The photographer of this photo was named Dave Hally. He was capturing some moments of his wife and daughter, as they prepared to take off for a family vacation. This recovered photo would be one of the last Hally ever took. During the flight, the plane was shot down while flying over Ukraine by Russian forces. A handful of other passengers had been heading to a AIDS conference, including doctors and advocates. No one survived the crash.


Gone Too Soon

A Quick Exit  

Photographers often put themselves in danger when they want to get the best shot. This one, in particular, definitely put themselves on the line when this airplane began to tumble out of the sky. Somehow, the photographer managed to capture the moments just as the aircraft smashed into the pavement, and also managed to get the pilot performing an emergency exit in the nick of time. This was probably one heck of an air show to be in attendance for!


Fast Exit